Interview: Janelle Monáe

Interview: Janelle Monáe

So I should probably try to post with more regularity here (aka half of all blog posts ever), but this is an interview I did with Janelle Monáe.

In the interest of adding something else to the post, two takeaways:

1. The “hairline” answer to the second question is pretty standard fuckery for this sort of interview. It seems like Monáe gives answers like this to a lot of questions she doesn’t particularly like, and I wish I’d pushed a bit more on it. Curious whether it was because of the question in particular or she just likes messing with interviews. Neither would surprise me.

2. The “otherness” of androids is an cool subject, and I respect the way the concept is used in The Electric Lady and the rest of her music to explore our treatment of other “other” groups. Beyond the tangential philosophical connections to various conceptions of the Other (which I just find funny), the explanation seemed, for me at least, to rob the richness of the science fiction conceit of some of its mystery. I’m biased the other way, but there are good reasons a lot of people don’t love doing interviews.


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